Chinese Mainlander Arrested For Throwing Orange Juice on Cathay Pacific Flight

A mainland Chinese passenger
The 36-year-old Chinese woman was on the Cathay Pacific  flight CX746 from Dubai to Hong Kong last Saturday when she became involved in an argument with a 25-year-old female flight attendant.
The woman, who was not sitting with her children on the flight, was upset that her children’s meals weren’t prepared in advance. According to South China Morning Post, she then resorted to throwing orange juice at the flight attendant.
When the plane arrived in Hong Kong International Airport at 5 a.m., police officers boarded the plane to arrest the woman. A police report read:
“Personnel arrived at the scene, and the victim was not hurt.”
According to the report, the woman was arrested for common assault during the confrontation. A Cathay spokeswoman made a statement in regards to the incident:
“A passenger caused an incident this morning on flight CX746 from Dubai to Hong Kong, and a case has been submitted to the police, therefore I am unable to provide more information.”
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