Chinese Knockoff Park Adds Terrible Looking Iron Man Statue, Continues to Baffle Tourists

One cultural knockoff park in China is doubling down on it’s poor-looking recreations with their latest hideous icon — Iron Man.

The Anhui province tourist site has decided to abandon any hint of authenticity by constructing a giant Iron Man statue to go along with its colossal and tacky Sphinx knockoff.

The park added another statue in the World Cultural Heritage Expo Park in Chuzhou City, just next to their Sphinx knockoff, according to Shanghaiist,

The dreadful Sphinx statue was built in 2015, but because it failed to bring in more tourists, they made another one. Shortly after, they added the Louvre Pyramid replica.

Given that the Sphinx and the Louvre were both failures, they then made a futuristic statue that could potentially win the people’s favors this time. The park now features a 30-meter tall Iron Man-ish statue that people aren’t too fond of. But aside from looking tacky, the statues didn’t seem cohesive at all.

Anhui province seems to have a penchant for copying tourist landmarks. It was reported that another site imitated the famous Terracotta Army — the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor in Xi’an, home of the real Terracotta Army, is planning on taking legal action.

As for the new Iron Man statue, Tony Stark would most definitely not be happy about this.

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