Chinese Kindergarten Under In‌ve‌stig‌atio‌n After Cramming 28 Kids Inside 7 Seater Van

Chinese au‌tho‌rit‌ies are investigating a kindergarten in Guangxi province, China after one of its makeshift school buses was caught driving with a number of children far exceeding the maximum capacity of the vehicle.

P‌oli‌ce reportedly stopped a 7-seater van that was driving home 28 kids on Dec. 25, according to Chinese media via Shanghaiist.

The makeshift school bus was being was used as the children’s parents were too busy with farm work to come and pick them up, the report noted.

In 2011, a similarly overloaded minivan crashed in rural Gansu province, leading to the death of 20 preschoolers.

Images via Chinanews

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