Chinese Kids Are Being Brainwashed To Boycott South Korean Products

Chinese Kids Are Being Brainwashed To Boycott South Korean ProductsChinese Kids Are Being Brainwashed To Boycott South Korean Products
Chinese nationalists’ fiery response to the decision of South Korea’s Lotte Group to allow the use of its land to build the U.S.-backed THAAD missile defense system has so far paralyzed half of the company’s stores in China.
Protesters have been conducting demonstrations in front of the establishments owned by the firm, forcing Lotte to shut many of the stores.
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Now, the “patriotism” is being passed on to school kids, according to Shanghaiist. A video on Chinese social media shows primary school kids are shown being indoctrinated into boycotting South Korean snacks.
A teacher is seen leading a group of young kids at a rally holding banners and screaming chants against Korea and Lotte products.
“Lotte, leave China! Boycott Korean goods! Protest THAAD! Love China!” the kids shouted.
Wang Dan, the Facebook user who posted the video commented: “This behavior is typical of the time before the Cultural Revolution.”
Wang claimed he was was among the student leaders who joined the Tiananmen Square protests back in 1989.
A separate video shows primary school students in an assembly hall, expressing their collective love to China and pledging to boycott Lotte snacks.
The Lotte Group isn’t alone in taking the brunt of the backlash against the controversial missile system, as the South Korean tourism industry is also beginning to feel the heat. Just recently, 3,400 Chinese tourists remained on their cruise ship docked in Jeju island for their scheduled stop, refusing to set foot on the South Korean soil.
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