Chinese Investors Only Love Jared Kushner’s Company Because They Think Trump Will Give Them Visas

Chinese Investors Only Love Jared Kushner’s Company Because They Think Trump Will Give Them VisasChinese Investors Only Love Jared Kushner’s Company Because They Think Trump Will Give Them Visas
Chinese investors have disclosed that the “biggest selling point” in investing in the Kushner family’s real estate company is none other than its connection to the United States President Trump.
Despite the non-participation of the presidential son-in-law and White House adviser Jared Kushner in the firm’s recent marketing events in China, the potential investors are all well aware that Kushner Companies is run by Jared Kushner’s family.
The events, organized by local partners in Guangzhou and Shenzhen recently, have attracted Chinese entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the Trump connection, reports CNN.
“The Trump ties are the attention grabber and the biggest selling point,” a property developer named Wang was quoted as saying.“No one mentioned Trump in today’s event, but everyone knows [Jared] Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law.”
By dealing with the Kushners, the investors are said to be eyeing EB-5 visas. Under the new U.S. program, immigrants who invest more than $500,000 in projects that create American jobs will be granted access to green cards for themselves and their families.
Currently, Kushner Companies are on the hunt for 300 Chinese investors to be able to finance a property development project in New Jersey called 1 Journal Square.
Earlier this month, the company has been blasted by critics for allegedly using its connection to the White House to woo investors in China.
On March 6, Nicole Kushner Meyer reportedly dropped her brother’s name and his White House job at a similar event in Beijing. An image of the president himself was also featured, listing him as among the “key decision makers” in the project.
Following the outrage, Kushner Companies apologized and stated that no Kushner family member, nor any company executive, would attend to this weekend’s conferences. A lawyer representing Jared Kushner also expressed that he is no longer connected to the business after taking his White House post.
According to CNN, which attended the recent event in Shenzhen, the prepared presentation during the meeting no longer mentions the Trump administration and did not show any photos of President Trump. It did, however, present a video featuring a previous development called “Trump Bay Street”, or “88 Kushner”.
People think [there is] some relationship with Trump, so they will feel safety, for their money,” a potential investor David Lei was quoted as saying.
Despite the fact that a visa for all investors is not automatically guaranteed under the EB-5 program, most of the investors are convinced that President Trump’s connection to the Kushner Companies will keep their money secure.
“I think this project is safer, because it has a government connection,” entrepreneur Maggie Lin said. “He is Trump’s son-in-law, so it seems more secure.”
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