A Chinese Investor Already Wants to Change the Name for the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Sequel

A Chinese Investor Already Wants to Change the Name for the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Sequel

September 6, 2018
One of the investors behind the Hollywood blockbuster comedy “Crazy Rich Asians” is hoping to introduce some changes, including a slightly different title from the book it will be based on, for the upcoming film sequel.
It has earlier been confirmed that the sequel based on the second book in Kwan’s trilogy called “China Rich Girlfriend” (followed by the third, “Rich People Problems”) is already in the works.
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As the source material’s title suggests, the movie, which follows the ongoing drama of Rachel Chu and Nick Young’s engagement, is heading to China.
In an interview with the South China Morning Post, Liu Yang, head of the private equity fund China Cultural and Entertainment Fund (CCEF) revealed that she wanted to introduce the global audiences to what the modern Chinese youth culture is all about.
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Last year, CCEF purchased a stake in “Crazy Rich Asians” production outfit SK Global, the result of a merger between Ivanhoe Pictures and Hollywood studio Sidney Kimmel Entertainment.  
“The sequel will truly come to China, and it has to reflect the new money. The first movie is about old money, the sequel is about new money,” Liu was quoted as saying. “The sequel has to link to the fresh power in China, the new consumption, the new ideas. We may even rename it ‘Shanghai Rich Girlfriends.’”
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According to Liu, she took a “passive role” in the making of the first film but is now poised to be heavily involved in the sequel’s production “right from the conception of the screenplay.”
Liu said she was not that hands-on during the first film as she “was not very interested” in its setting, which is Singapore.
Expectations will be high for the follow-up as the first one has raked in almost $140 million in global box office (behind a $30 million budget) since its release three weeks ago.
Ironically. however, “Crazy Rich Asians” has yet to be shown in China and it is possible that even “Shanghai Rich Girlfriends” may not get to be shown in the country as it limits the number of foreign movies shown in its theaters. Whether Liu’s efforts in highlighting “the new face of China’s wealthy” will make a difference in its chances of breaking the Chinese market is still unknown.
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