Chinese Inventors Create A $150,000 Robot To Solve All Parking Problems Forever

Chinese Inventors Create A $150,000 Robot To Solve All Parking Problems Forever
Ryan General
July 11, 2016
Shenzhen-based Chinese inventors have developed an ingenious solution to an easier, more convenient method of parking by creating a self-parking robot that can do the task for you.
Developed by Yee Fung Automation Technology, “Geta” (get a car) is an automated robot which easily slides underneath your vehicle and lifts it up.
Guided by lasers, it then picks a convenient spot in the lot and places the car accordingly. The device requires no tracks, can navigate the tightest of spaces, move in any direction and needs only two minutes to finish the job.
Geta works by finding spaces through signals transmitted  to a separate computer. Using a virtual map, the computer then effectively guides the robot to locate an available space for the car.
“The parking robot is designed to increase parking space,” Yee Fung chief executive Marco Wu told Reuters. “The robot can go everywhere … and will reform parking in the future.”
The machine, priced a little over 1 million yuan ($150,000), will be launching soon in anticipation of the influx of more than 200 million cars by 2020 in mainland China. Parking could become more painstakingly difficult than it already is.

Wu said there is already a growing demand for Geta’s services especially in crowded cities. 
“There are many companies interested in our products, such as commercial property companies in Singapore and London, public parking companies in the Middle East, and developers, governments, as well as public parking companies in China,” he said.
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