Chinese International Student Flexing Her Wealth Triggers Netizens

Chinese International Student Flexing Her Wealth Triggers NetizensChinese International Student Flexing Her Wealth Triggers Netizens
Ryan General
March 20, 2019
A video featuring a Chinese woman’s online braggadocio is triggering netizens on social media.  
In the clip, which appears to be an edited compilation of her vlogs, 24-year-old Han Xiao is seen showing off her expensive clothes, luxury cars, VIP perks, and American education.
“So the world is never fair. How hard you are, how special you are,” Han says, seemingly coming up with random English phrases to show off her language skills before bringing out her Boston University diploma.
“Why are you working so hard?” Han mockingly asks, before answering with random English phrases. ”Cause what you want to buy is really expensive. Where you want to go is really far. Who you love is super perfect.”
The video then proceeds with more flexing: clips of different cars, shopping luxury brands, jewelry, and a scene in which she is shown asking a woman presumed to be her mother for some cash.
“The first class passengers can be given priority when boarding,” she shares with her viewers. “Bank VIP doesn’t need to queue up. The most expensive ticket for the concert also get the best sight.”
She did not explain, however, if the expensive education also teaches better manners or basic grammar.
Based on the comments on Facebook, it appears netizens were quite unimpressed:
Some commenters were in doubt about how she actually earned her diploma:
Others simply did not want to take her seriously:
Featured image via YouTube/Blagag!
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