Couple Merges Indian and Chinese Cultures in Epic Wedding

chinese indian wedding

A 27-year-old Malaysian woman and her 29-year-old Singaporean husband held their wedding in both Indian and Chinese customs.

Pathma Gurusamy shared the wonderful moment on the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits on Dec. 31.

Pathma and her husband, Ng Boon Jun, held the back-to-back ceremonies in November 2019, according to World of Buzz.

The first ceremony was held at a Hindu temple. “On day 1 we adorned full Indian regalia,” Pathma said.

On day two, the couple had a Chinese tea pouring ceremony and received hong baos (ang pows) from their relatives as congratulations.

chinese indian wedding

chinese indian wedding

“We’re just so happy that both sides of our families got to experience and be part of each other’s traditions,” Pathma said in her post.

Pathma admitted in her post that while it was a memorable occasion, the ceremonies were very tiring and she would not recommend doing it.

The post received over 36,000 reactions and more than 1,900 comments from Subtle Asian Traits members.

Images via Pathma Gurusamy

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