Chinese Immigrants Could Soon Take Over ABCs in America

Chinese Immigrants Could Soon Take Over ABCs in America
Kyle Encina
July 27, 2017
The new breed of Chinese immigrants might soon become the next voice of Chinese communities in America. There seems to be quite a distinction between America-born Chinese citizens and U.S. immigrants coming from China despite looking very similar to one another.
According to HuffingtonPost, the proliferation of this “different breed” of immigrants could lead to them ultimately becoming the voice of China within the U.S. Most wouldn’t be able to tell one apart based on looks alone, but the difference in character is what separates the immigrants from the Chinese-Americans.
Chinese-Americans do their best in helping their fellow Chinese brethren in getting fully accustomed to the American culture. However, it seem that not all immigrants from China are even willing to fully assimilate themselves.
This is because the new immigrants are coming from a different China than the one that old settlers left decades ago. The modern-era China is a lot more powerful now compared to the one that older immigrants left in search for a better life in the U.S.
With that said, the different breed of immigrants take pride in their home country and won’t be as passive as the Chinese-Americans who accepted and adapted to western culture. The new immigrants are bolder and more proactive in their approach, something that some Chinese-Americans see as their means of becoming more than just minorities in the country.
Even with the apparent gap between the groups, Committee of 100 Chairman Frank Wu believes that the unity among Chinese groups in America is what makes them relevant as a whole.
Regardless, the rapid rise of these new immigrants from China might indicate that they would soon be the leading voice of the Chinese in America given their boisterous demeanor. As China’s economy gets better and their military becomes stronger, the voices of these new breed of immigrants also become louder within the Chinese-American community.
Feature Image via Wikipedia/Yanping Nora Soong (CC BY 3.0)
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