Chinese Hockey Team Attacks Hong Kong Players During National Youth Games in China

A team of ice hockey players from Shenzhen was captured on video beating up Hong Kong players during a match for the National Youth Games in Chengde, China.

According to South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong youth team was ahead by 11 – 2 against their opponent at the National Youth Games on Wednesday. With just one minute left in the game, Hong Kong player number 23, Jonathan Wong, was suddenly assaulted by two players from Shenzhen.


In the video clip that has been circulating on Facebook, two unidentified players from the youth Shenzhen hockey team can be seen assaulting the opposing player as a woman outside the rink can be heard pleading for the attackers to stop.

Fights involving other players also broke out across the rink before officials were able to stop them, as said in the report.

Three players from Shenzhen who were involved in the incident have received a one year ban from the organizers, said the Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association in a statement released on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ice Hockey Association has given its assurance that the incident will never be repeated.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported on the side of the Hong Kong players and they were able to finish their matches in the season with three wins and two losses putting them in fifth place in the overall standing.

Featured image screenshot via South China Morning Post

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