Chinese Husband Catches Wife With Another Man at the Market, Epic Meltdown Ensues

Chinese Husband Catches Wife With Another Man at the Market, Epic Meltdown Ensues

October 24, 2016
A Chinese man was caught on video beating his wife and her date after accidentally bumping into them at a local farmer’s market where he worked.  
In a two-minute video, the husband can be seen pulling at his wife’s clothes while kicking at her alleged lover. The video, which has been uploaded all over Chinese social media, has been widely shared and has since gone viral with news outlets like picking up the story as well, according to the Daily Mail.
The clip begins with an apparently injured man sitting beside a booth with a pool of blood visible on the ground near him. The battered guy is believed to be the lover of a married woman. The husband is then shown kicking the alleged lover again while his screaming wife tries to intervene. The wife’s reaction further angered the husband who then grabbed her by her shirt, exposing her bare back.  As much as the wife tried, she was unable to free herself from her husband’s clutches.
The man kept his anger throughout the video even when after a guy from the crowd of onlookers stepped in to intervene.
“I’ve never beaten you like this before,” the husband shouted.
Kicking off the lover’s iPhone off his hand, he shouted: “How dare you still use an iPhone.”
The husband is then overheard talking to his mother-in-law on his phone.
“She told me she was at work, but she was with another man,” he shouted at the phone.“Ask her what she is doing here with this man. This is my workplace.”
The man, who claims to be a caring husband, continued shouting at his wife’s mom:
“Every day, I express my care and I gave her everything. How can she treat me like this?”
He then added, “You are a teacher. What’s your view about this?”
When the man gave the phone to the wife for her to talk to her mother, she refused in apparent embarrassment.
The wife, who was later shown attempting to talk to her alleged lover, further infuriated her husband. The video abruptly ends after the angry husband discovered that his tirade was being recorded.
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