Suspected Human Trafficker Caught on Video Abducting a Little Girl in China

An alleged human trafficker was arrested 18 hours after he was caught on CCTV abducting a little girl on the streets of Ganzhou in southeast China’s Jiangxi Province last week.

The suspect, identified as Zhang, was seen trying to lure the 3-year-old girl with food on July 6. She followed the man while carrying a plastic bag containing the food he gave her, according to Daily Mail.

The girl’s father later called the police after finding out that she was missing.

He was holding my daughter’s hand while crossing the road to the other side and bought her snacks,” her father, whose name was not revealed, told Pear Video. “She appeared a bit reluctant, but then the man just lifted her up and put her on his bike and drove off.”

After picking up the girl, Zhang drove off on his motorcycle.

Authorities reviewed surveillance footage of the incident, then tracked down Zhang for 18 hours before they finally caught the man in his home on the morning of July 7.

The girl was rescued from her captor and is reportedly safe and unharmed.

Police apprehended Zhang on suspicion of human trafficking, but he denied the accusation and claimed that he only “wanted to raise the girl as daughter,” officers told Pear Video.

An investigation into the case is still ongoing.

Images via YouTube / NewsChina

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