Chinese Hotel Guests Brutally Assault Man For Having Really Loud Sex

Chinese Hotel Guests Brutally Assault Man For Having Really Loud Sex
Ryan General
October 18, 2016
A man renting a hotel room in China got himself beat up by a group of guests staying at the same hotel for reportedly making too much noise while having sex.
The furious group was caught on CCTV footage kicking down a hotel room door down and dragging the allegedly noisy man out to beat him up in the early hours of October 13, according to the Daily Mail.
The incident began when a guest, identified only as a businessman named Zhang, and his colleagues checked into a hotel in Beihai, China. The group was reportedly set to attend a meeting the following morning and rented some rooms at the hotel to rest.
However, in the middle of the night, Zhang was reportedly woken up by the loud noise from a couple having some loud sex in a nearby room. Zhang then rose up and proceeded to where the couple was staying and told the couple to be quiet. The man inside, named Lei Mou, then fired back at Zhang with obscenities. Zhang’s colleagues then entered the scene as the argument got louder, making their way into the corridor.
The angered businessman kicked down the hotel door and then dragged the noisy male guest out while the rest of the group kept punching and kicking him, and eventually stripped him down to the waist.
The commotion was only broken off when local authorities arrived on the scene a few minutes later and stopped the fight. In the end, Zhang eventually agreed to pay 15,000 yuan ($2,224) to Lei to settle the dispute, admitting that he indeed over-reacted.
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