Chinese Hospitals Now Give Discounts on Circumcisions Based on Mobile Game High Scores

Three private clinics in China are reportedly offering discounted rates on circumcision to patients who receive a high score on the popular mobile game “King of Glory”.

The discounted promotions were launched during the summer break in China, which lasted for two months, according to Chinese media outlet KK News.

The clinics that offered this discount include Guigang Wuzhou Hospital in Guangxi, the Jiangjin Ren’ai Hospital in Chongqing, and the Baotou Jiuzhou Urology Hospital in Inner Mongolia, according to the Daily Mail.

Those who reach the “Silver” status can receive the minimum discount of 200 yuan (about $30), while the patient who get the “King” status can go through with the operation free of charge, the banners of the clinics said. Typically, the cost of circumcision in China starts at around 1,000 yuan ($151).

The video, which shows a child going through circumcision while playing the mobile game app, first surfaced on Chinese social media, including video sharing platform Youku.

People initially thought that the hospital in the clip only used the game to distract the boy from the operation, but banners for the promo began to surface on the internet. Baotou Jiuzhou Urology Hospital even shared its own version of the promo on WeChat.

Image via WeChat / Baotou Jiuzhou Urology Hospital

It is unclear if the promotion is still available in all of the hospitals.

Featured Image via Youku

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