Chinese Hiker Falls Off a Cliff While Showing Off For the Camera

Some people will go to great lengths just to be the coolest person in the group.

That was the case for one Chinese man who appears to be trying his best to show off to his friends by hanging on the edge of a cliff.

Unfortunately, he lost his grip during his attention-grabbing antics and fell a few feet down on a rocky area. The incident, which was caught on camera, happened last Friday in the Jigong Mountain in the municipality of Chongqing, Shanghaiist reports. 

The video, which showed the man striking poses for the camera atop a huge rock before his eventual fall, has since gone viral on Chinese social media. In the clip, the man’s friends can be heard cheering him on, giving him more confidence to show off his rock-hanging skills.  

His amazed pals kept snapping photos of his gravity-defying performance as he tried a variety of poses. Cheers turned to screams in horror, however, when he lost his grip in the middle of his stunt gravity took over.

While it was not revealed in the report, it appears that it was not that high of a fall as the daredevil hiker somehow survived the accident and merely sustained a few cuts and bruises. Hopefully, a lesson has been learned.

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