Man Shames Young People Wearing Halloween Costumes as ‘prostitutes, China’s disgrace’

Man Shames Young People Wearing Halloween Costumes as ‘prostitutes, China’s disgrace’
Carl Samson
November 5, 2018
A man who shamed a pair of friends for wearing Halloween costumes in public has drawn outrage on Chinese social media.
The incident occurred on the evening of Oct. 31 on a subway in Qingdao, China.

In a now-viral footage, the man is seen lashing out at his targets — reportedly a man and a woman — for “disgracing” China.
Just by looking at you, I can tell that you’re a prostitute,” the man tells one of them. “Do you know that?”
His targets, both unseen, retaliate by saying that he is making China “lose face” with his “uncivilized behavior.”
The man then responds, “You look like neither a man nor a woman. What’s the difference between you and a prostitute?”
When asked what business he has with them, the man points out that he’s Chinese.
“I am Chinese. Are you Chinese? F**king look at yourselves. Look at the one beside you, who looks neither like a human nor a monster. You are China’s disgrace.”
Speaking to Pear Video on Nov. 2, a man claimed that he was one of the targets, sharing a picture of his costume that night.
“That night, I was on the subway with my friend, we were dressed normally and we didn’t wear much make-up; I only had a bit of fake blood on my face,” the South China Morning Post quoted him as saying. “We were sitting right in the corner of the very last subway carriage to avoid scaring other people.”
As it turned out, the old man was not very happy to see them.
“But this old man seemed very interested in us — he followed us all the way to the last carriage. He heard us talking, and recognized that I was a man, and became very angry. He sat opposite us and starting cursing us.”
The male target has since received criticism from conservative family members, but the man in the video quickly drew ire from thousands in social media.
Weibo users commented:
“Narrow nationalism.”
“Uncle’s mouth is really dirty.”
“This kind of man is the shame of the Chinese.”
“Although the girl’s behavior is inappropriate, this uncle’s stinking mouth certainly makes China lose face.”
“What actually hurts? Can wearing Halloween costumes be so horrible? This is a personal attack. It’s better for China to have no such person.”
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