Chinese Hackers Arrested After Making $110,000 Posing as Prostitutes on WeChat

A group of Chinese men in their twenties hacked WeChat to pose as prostitutes in Malaysia and Singapore.

The five hackers from central China used software to distort their location and message men in Singapore and Malaysia on the popular social media app WeChat, according to The men allegedly offered their services — $107 for two hours or $214 for an entire night—under the impression that they were local prostitutes in the area.

After retrieving information from their potential clients, the five men sold their information, which included mobile phone numbers and home addresses, to a middleman.

The hackers, who had met one another online from different parts of the province, were arrested at a flat in Jingshan county in Hubei province. The men are believed to have made over $110,000 since August after being in contact with over 200 foreign men primarily from the two Asian countries.

h/t: SCMP
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