Chinese Groom Marries Two Brides On His Wedding Day

Chinese Groom Marries Two Brides On His Wedding Day
Ryan General
April 21, 2017
A video of an unusual wedding in China, featuring a groom and his two brides, recently went viral on Chinese social media.
It was reported that one of the women depicted in the ceremony marrying the man in the village of Longzhu was actually his ex-wife, according to (via Daily Mail).
Apparently, they weren’t actually engaging in a three-way marriage. The man’s family merely wanted his ex-wife to have a ‘proper’ wedding with her ex-husband before he gets settled with his fiancee since she has become very close to the family.  
While the original pair previously got married, they never had a ceremony. The man’s parents were reportedly very fond of his ex-wife, who he divorced last year. It was their idea to provide a lavish wedding celebration for the couple to formalize their former union before he got married again. With all parties agreeing to the set-up, the man was then married to both women in the same ceremony.
The controversial wedding video became widely circulated in various social media platforms after it was uploaded on April 18. In the clip, the ex-wife can be seen on the left side while the man’s new fiancee is positioned to the right. Both of them were wearing the traditional red wedding dress.
In the video, the man was shown kneeling with his brides as an elder begins to give them blessings, just as with any normal Chinese wedding ceremony. Following tradition, the two brides were then handed red envelopes.
After the wedding, the new couple began a new life living together while the ex-wife went on to stay in her own home.
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