Chinese Groom Arrested After Hiring 200 Fake Guests to Attend His Wedding

Chinese Groom Arrested After Hiring 200 Fake Guests to Attend His Wedding
Ryan General
By Ryan General
May 2, 2017
A groom in China was arrested after trying to pass a group of complete strangers off as his friends and relatives at his wedding in northern China.
According to the BBC, the bride’s family were outraged to find out that the groom, named Wang, paid 200 actors to be guests at his own wedding.
Relatives of the wife, identified by the last name Liu, noticed something was amiss during conversations with wedding guests from the groom’s side who somehow were not able to specify how they knew him. The suspicion further arose when the wedding ceremony in Shaanxi Province already started but the groom’s parents were still nowhere to be found.
In a televised interview with local channel Shaanxi TV, the paid fake guests admitted that they were hired by Wang to pose as his family and friends. According to the actors, they were paid 80 yuan ($12) for the gig. One of them even showed a conversation he had on social media platform WeChat with the groom as they negotiated for his fee.
Although the couple had reportedly been together for three years, the bride didn’t notice anything wrong during their relationship since they had different friend groups.
The groom’s motives for hiring the actors were because his family disapproved of his marriage to Liu who was from out of town. Netizens also speculated that he felt embarrassed to invite family and friends, with some claiming that the bride’s family was against the marriage because the groom was poor and that he stopped his entire side from coming to save them from being embarrassed.
While reports indicate that a police investigation is currently ongoing, it was also not reported exactly what laws the man violated to warrant an arrest, though fraud is suspected.
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