Chinese Granny Chilling in the Streets With Her Giant Tortoise is Everything

A senior in China started with a tiny turtle but after a decade her ginormous pet can now catch the attention of every passerby. It’s not everyday people get to see someone walking their pet tortoise that’s as big as a dog and weighs 50 kg (110 lbs).

This is exactly what locals around Changchun saw when Hao Yulin, aptly dubbed the “tortoise granny,” walked her ginormous pet turtle. When Hao traveled to Yunnan, she bought a tiny pet turtle for 900 yuan ($138) and named it “Su Su”, according to Shanghaiist.


However, after feeding the turtle four oranges, a piece of bread, an apple and an egg everyday for 10 years, the granny’s tiny turtle eventually grew to enormous proportions. Hao takes good care of the turtle by taking it with her on her walks which is convenient for her since it also maintains an appropriately relaxing slow pace similar to hers.

While walking a turtle isn’t considered a norm yet, it might soon be a regular thing as reptile pets become more popular in other countries.

After all, there are already cases of pet owners making a fortune out of the pictures of their cute pets, so having a cute-looking reptile such as a turtle might just do the trick for exotic pet owners.

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