Stylish Chinese Grandma Wins the Internet For Looking Exactly Like the Queen of England

Stylish Chinese Grandma Wins the Internet For Looking Exactly Like the Queen of England

April 28, 2017
A Chinese grandma who uncannily resembles Queen Elizabeth II has become an instant internet darling after her photos were shared online.
Images of the stylish 85-year-old grandmother named Zheng Suzhen were posted by her great-grandson-in-law Ding Guoliang on Chinese social media platform Weibo, captivating many netizens.  
The professional photographer uploaded the images last Saturday in a photo series under the nickname Jesse Xiao Ye, according to Daily Mail.
The album, titled “She is not the Queen of England, she is my grandmother”, also features his wife and Zheng’s great-granddaughter, Qian Qian.
Qian Qian also made a thoughtful comment on her husband’s post:
Soon enough, netizens noticed some similarities between Zheng and Queen Elizabeth II, particularly her fashion sense.
Zheng grew up from a poor household in Xiamen, Fujian Province. She faced many tragedies in her life, including her father’s death when she was 9 and being left by her husband later in life. On her own, she raised her seven children as a pig farmer.
She has had a difficult but colorful life with her seven children, 15 grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren. When her children became adults, she became a traveler and began her journey to Hong Kong, Taiwan and many Chinese cities by herself.
In making the photo series, her great-grandson-in-law said:
“I want to capture my great-grandmother’s beauty. It’s such a special thing to photograph your family members.”
Ding also gave a fashion makeover to his grandfather, a farmer who was then 85 years old last year. The retiree eventually became an internet celebrity himself after his photos went viral on social media, where he was dubbed as “the coolest grandfather” by netizens.
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