Chinese government drafts law that punishes parents for their children’s bad behavior

Chinese government drafts law

A new law in China that would make parents accountable for their children’s “bad behavior” is expected for review at the National People’s Congress (NPC) Standing Committee session later this week.

The new law: Under the Family Education Promotion Law, parents will be forced to attend family education programs should their children violate school rules, USA Today reported. They could also face punishment if their children, under the age of 16, commit a crime.

  • There are many reasons for adolescents to misbehave, and the lack of or inappropriate family education is the major cause,” Zang Tiewei, a spokesman from the Legislative Affairs Commission, told Reuters.
  • The new law would have parents set a time for their children to rest, play and exercise, while also promoting physical and mental health. The draft would also have parents encourage good study habits for their children and teach them to “love the party, nation, people and socialism.”
  • Parents who fail to follow the rules could receive a warning and a fine of up to 1,000 yuan ($156). Depending on the crimes of their children, parents could also face detainment for up to five days.

Other details: The Chinese government has been very aggressive in its efforts to reshape childhood development in the country, from limiting online gaming and social media access to crackdowns on popular children’s shows.

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