Chinese Government Comics Warn Women That All Handsome White Guys May Be Dirty Spies

Chinese Government Comics Warn Women That All Handsome White Guys May Be Dirty Spies
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
April 21, 2016
Beijing marked its first National Security Education Day last April 15 with the release of anti-foreigner propaganda posters warning against Westerners who might be international spies.
The posters, titled “Dangerous Love,” were put up in the residential city of Xicheng to raise awareness of the supposed Western intrusion in China.
Through a 16-panel comic format, the posters tell the story of David, a sneaky Westerner who stalks and befriends government employees to extract sensitive information.
Captured in amusing prose, the comics depict a not-so-subtle David using his charms on a government worker named Xiao Li. Here’s the short version of how sneaky Caucasian spy David manages to ruin the life of innocent and wholesome government worker Xiao Li:
David invites a bunch of Chinese citizens to a dinner and asks everyone what they do for a living.
“Oh, Xiao Li, you say you’re a government worker??”
David takes Xiao Li out to lunch and charms her with gifts.
“Having a handsome white boyfriend sure is awesome,” Xiao Li thinks to herself.
“Now that we’re together, do you think you can share some secret government files with me? You know, for my school research stuff or whatever?” David asks Xiao Li.
Xiao Li eventually complies, blinded by her love for her handsome white boyfriend.
“Hmm, David isn’t answering my calls anymore..” Xiao Li discovers.
The next day, government police interrogate Xiao Li holding the file that she gave to David.
“Turns out your handsome white boyfriend David was a spy. Also, you are now a traitor to China and will probably go to prison for like, forever,” the officers tell Xiao Li.
In the end, the womanizing spy leaves poor Xiao heartbroken, betrayed, and a traitor to her own country.
Lesson learned. Beware of handsome white guys in China, ladies.
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