Hungry Goat Spared From Slaughter After Becoming Adorable Celebrity in China

chinese goat

A goat in Shanxi province, China was saved from being slaughtered after it became a social media stakir for its incredible appetite for human snacks.

The young goatherd, Li Fu, was supposed to bring his goat to the slaughterhouse to sell, but he noticed that the animal has quite an appetite for snacks such as cakes, fruits as well as instant noodles and kebabs.


Because of the goat’s gluttonous habits, Li decided to hold off on selling the poor animal and instead opened up a social media account where they can both be seen sharing the camera lens, Shanghaiist reported.

Li has racked up more than 300,000 followers on the Chinese social media platform, Kuaishou. He often posts videos of the adorable animal stealing his food from him.

Li says he decided to keep the goat due to the number of social media followers.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / New China TV

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