Chinese Woman Aspires to Become a Professional Butt Model, But Parents Disapprove

A young Chinese girl from Shanxi province, who has become popular for having the best-looking buttocks in her school, is aspiring to use her asset and become a popular butt model in Beijing — a dream that her family, unfortunately, does not want her to pursue.  
Jin Xuejue, also known by her nickname Zhang Fei’er, is a recent graduate of Xi’an Physical Education University, Tencent reports (via Shangaiist). In her college days, she earned the title of “the best ass in Xi’an,” for the widely appreciated photos that featured her best asset.
According to Xuejue, convincing her family about her chosen career path has proven to be difficult and talking about it usually ends up in arguments. Her father has refused to discuss her aspirations while her mom finds her goals to be “scandalous”.
While her family’s disapproval makes Xuejue sad, she is determined to not let this “challenge” stop her from achieving her dreams. She believes that being a butt model is about beauty and art and far from what might others perceive as pornography.
Xuejue’s dedication has kept her disciplined in maintaining herself to look and feel fit for her dream job. She shared that has been trying to get herself accustomed to wearing 4-inch high heels while standing for hours. She just gives herself a massage to relax afterwards.
She’s also used now to wearing tons of cosmetics and has spent hundreds of dollars on makeup to look the part of a real model. She also reminds herself to keep fit by posting tips on losing weight on her bedroom walls. Her dream motivates her to work out at least two hours daily with a special focus to tone and shape her precious behind.
Xuejue got a break last winter when she participated as a model for an underwear advertisement. In her spare time, she also performed in some live-streamed broadcasts when the trend started to become popular in China. She said that if possible, maybe she can also become a professional broadcaster someday.
Right now, however, Xuejue has set her eyes on travelling to Beijing to accomplish her main goal.
“I just want to be a butt model,” Xuejue concluded.
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