Two Chinese Students Rent Themselves Out For Money During the Loneliest Part of the Year

If you are lonely and in need of a lovely young woman’s company, all you need to do is seek out and rent one of the two ladies who are marketing themselves in Hangzhou.
Understandably, a significant number of guys flocked to the two young students’ live advertisement that offered “rentals” and “dates” for undisclosed amounts, according to Shanghaiist. The report did not specify which services are exactly covered by the rental, however, it is implied that the activities offered revolve around the normal hanging out and socializing.
The single university girls’ homemade placards announced their intent to provide time and company to those who need someone to be with while watching movies, going out or shopping. It is not known how many from the surrounding crowd took up the women on their offered services.  
Previously, offers for these types of services were only advertised online.
Having a rented “relationship partner” is becoming more and more popular in China mostly due to parental/peer pressure not to be single. In fact, the most common reason Chinese youth seek a partner is to have someone to spend time with for the Chinese New Year or to have someone to introduce to their parents. For women specifically, renting fake boyfriends has been a thriving business as well in the last few years.
It may be interesting to point out that sex is, allegedly, seldom a part of such arrangements.
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