Chinese Girlfriend Carries Boyfriend Through Flooded Streets So He Wouldn’t Ruin His Shoes

Among several flood-related news that emerged from Chinese social media in recent days, one particularly odd photo got viral for the most ridiculous reason.
Images of a guy being carried by his girlfriend as she struggled through a flooded street have become a hot topic on Chinese social site Weibo recently, reported CCTV news (via Shanghaiist). The gentleman claimed he was “forced” to have his girlfriend to carry him across a flooded intersection because his precious leather shoes might get ruined.
For her part, the girlfriend said she didn’t mind going through the submerged road as she was wearing sandals. According to her, it was her idea to carry her lover to avoid the high expense of having to pay for the repair of the leather shoes.
The heavy rainfall due to the typhoons that ravaged China has flooded the cities along the Yangtze. Flood waters have submerged major public transportation systems in the area leaving people to thread long flooded streets by foot.
Relying on girlfriends for such an occasion, however, did not sit well with some netizens.
One concerned commenter wrote: “I understand that it’s their relationship and I have no right to say anything, but isn’t this a little over-the-top? Dude, if you don’t want to ruin your leather shoes, just take them off! And I don’t even know how to describe that girl: naive or stupid?”
Another one hoped to find a similarly self-sacrificing girl: “I would definitely marry that girl if I were that lucky guy. Where can I find a girl like that?”
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