Chinese girl’s letter asking for good ride-hailing reviews for her ‘chubby’ driver father goes viral

Daughter and taxi driver dad
Image: 中新视频
  • A 9-year-old girl in China wrote a letter begging for passengers to give her father, a ride-hailing driver, good reviews.
  • Hanhan explained in her letter that she was diagnosed in 2021 with organic encephalopathy, a brain disorder.
  • Her single father, Chen Zaixing, struggled to financially keep up with Hanhan’s medical expenses.
  • Hanhan has since recovered, but her father is now faced with medical bills that total up to 300,000 yuan (approximately $46,509).
  • In her letter, Hanhan asked passengers to give her father good reviews so he can take more requests to earn enough money.

A 9-year-old Chinese girl with a brain disorder wrote a letter begging ride-hailing passengers to give her father good reviews so he can pay off her medical treatments.

In her letter, Hanhan explained that she was diagnosed last year with organic encephalopathy. She suffered several seizures that led to a coma in September 2021. Hanhan then asked passengers to leave high service scores for her father, Chen Zaixing, so he can receive more ride-hailing requests.

“I hope you can give this chubby driver a good review. Thank you! Have a safe journey and wishing you good health!” she wrote in her letter.


Chen, a single father, was working as a bus driver, but quit shortly after Hanhan’s diagnosis to take care of her. Although she has since recovered from her coma, the medical expenses piled up, reaching up to around 300,000 yuan (approximately $46,509).

Chen then began working as a DiDi ride-hailing driver to pay Hanhan’s medical treatments.

“I then started working as a DiDi ride-hailing driver to pay back the debt and earn money to cover her ongoing medical expenses while caring for her,” Chen told China News.


Chen pasted the letter on the back of the front passenger seat. It touched the hearts of passengers who shared it on social media, with many offering to donate money to Chen and his daughter. But Chen rejected the offers because he is “trying to be self-sufficient.”

“I really appreciate their kindness, but many of them are also not making easy money,” Chen explained.

Hanhan also expressed her excitement as ride-hailing requests for her father “skyrocketed” after her letter went viral.


“After I wrote that letter, his service scores skyrocketed, and suddenly he started getting a lot more orders and earned a lot more money,” Hanhan said. “I’m so happy that my letter was helpful.”

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