Chinese Girl With No Money Gets Derailed By the Internet For Trying to Find ‘Temporary Boyfriend’

[UPDATED 10/29/14 1:01 p.m. PST] This story is a hoax. The Chinese Government is Forcing an App With 30 Million Users to Shut Down

One of the best ways to let people know how much of a gold digger you are is by posting on the internet on how much of a gold digger you are. This is exactly what the following 19-year-old girl from Shanghai did.

In a notice that was posted on popular Chinese sites, the girl sought out a temporary sugar dad— I mean boyfriend, to accommodate her on her travels since she has no money and didn’t want to “suffer.”

“Travel with [me]’: Post-’95, adorable girl recruiting temporary boyfriends from all parts of China to be my travel partners,” she wrote. “Recruit one temporary boyfriend from the local area when/before visiting the city,” and to “Travel all over China [with her spending] ZERO yuan.”


But that’s not all — you can’t just be rich; the post also lists mandatory requirements. Candidates must be rich and generous, taller than 5’7’’ and under 30 years old.

According to Shanghaiist, she’s already traveled to various areas in China with three different boyfriends. One “boyfriend” by the name of Xiao Xiao declined to comment on his experience but hoped “netizens and media don’t make a fuss of it.”


Since the post went live, she’s been subject to internet scrutiny with comments like: “The girl just wants something for nothing and has lost her moral compass.”

Source: Shanghaiist
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