Chinese girl, 11, inspires millions by continuing to play the piano after a fire burned most of her body

Image: Weibo; 微公益
  • He Yuxin, 11, fell victim to a fire accident in her home in Sanmexia, Henan Province, on Aug. 13 last year.
  • He suffered 68% burns to her body, which continues to hamper her ability to move.
  • He's grandmother was also involved in the accident, suffering 71% burns.
  • Despite her difficulties, He has resumed practicing the piano on a daily basis, according to her mother.
  • A Weibo fundraiser has been organized for He and her grandmother’s medical expenses.

An 11-year-old girl in central China has gone viral on Weibo for continuing to pursue her passion for playing piano in the face of debilitating burns.

He Yuxin, who lives with her family in Sanmenxia, Henan Province, had a life like any other child until an accident set her family’s home in flames on Aug. 13 last year.

The family had been sleeping when He’s grandmother woke up to cook around 5 a.m., failing to notice a gas leak.

“My husband and I heard a ‘bang’ and rushed out of bed to find the house on fire,” He’s mother, Li Li, told the South China Morning Post. “The child was in her room, which was close to the kitchen, and when she was carried out, her entire body was on fire and burning.”

He had to be transported to a hospital 140 kilometers (87 miles) away, where doctors informed the family that 68% of her body had been burned. He’s grandmother had burns across 71% of her body. The family, which earns a monthly income of 8,200 yuan (approximately $1,300), had to borrow money from relatives and friends for their treatments.

He and her grandmother’s condition reportedly became stable after 10 months of surgeries and therapy; however, some of He’s burns were beyond repair, severely affecting her ability to move.

Despite her condition, He, who currently can only move three fingers, has returned to playing the piano using an electric model her mother borrowed from a friend.

“She [He] practiced so passionately that I once observed her striking the keys so hard that her fingers were oozing blood,” Li told the Morning Post.

He reportedly practices every day, understanding that movement also aids her healing.

A video of her story that shows her return to piano-playing has recently gone viral on Weibo, with one post raking in 5.2 million views. Users in awe of He’s perseverance left supportive and encouraging comments:

“I’m not even as good as her, and I have both hands,” one wrote.

Another commented, “As long as you don’t give up on life, you will be treated well by life.”

“As long as there is a silver lining, don’t give up on chasing your dreams. No matter how hard it is, you must persevere. Thumbs up for the strength of this little girl,” one noted.

A fundraiser has been set up on Weibo to support He and her grandmother’s medical expenses.

Featured Image via Weibo (left) and 微公益 (right)

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