Chinese Girl Who Does Her Homework on A Pile of Bricks Proves the Struggle is Real

Chinese Girl Who Does Her Homework on A Pile of Bricks Proves the Struggle is Real
Ryan General
April 20, 2017
While most schoolchildren spend their weekends playing with friends or relaxing at home, an 11-year-old Chinese girl spends her break from school at a construction site.
Every weekend, Xiong Jing, a primary school student from Suichuan county, accompanies her parents at their workplace as they are both bricklayers by trade. There, she is usually seen doing her homework, amid the busy surroundings of the site. Xiong, her father, Xiong Jiangu, and mother, Zhang Yulan, live in the southwestern part of China in Jiangxi province.
Xiong’s photos of her studying while sitting on a “chair” improvised from bricks recently emerged online and became widely shared on Chinese social media platforms.
Photo by Huanqiu
It has been a habit of the young girl to join her parents at the construction site instead of playing with friends when there is no school. Xiong makes it a point to always carry her books with her so she can study while her parents worked.
In the site, Xiong has her own mini-study area, with a table made of stacked bricks prepared by her dad, reports (via Daily Mail).
Photo by Huanqiu
The viral images of Xiong studying with her working parents reminded some netizens of their own childhood.
“Although I wasn’t born into a rich family, this reminds me a lot of my good old happy times,” said one commenter.
Others pointed out that the girl was still fortunate that she wasn’t forced to work at an early age.  
“Compared to those who live in a hillside and have to cross the mountain, she is lucky enough that she doesn’t have to help build roads!” another netizen was quoted as saying.
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