Chinese Girl Asks Father to Stop Her Cancer Treatment in a Heartbreaking Letter

chinese girl asks dad to stop treating her leukemia

A 7-year-old girl in Heilongjiang Province, northeastern China, who asked to stop her cancer treatment, has touched the hearts of many netizens.

Zhang Jiaye, who was diagnosed with leukemia in May 2016, expressed her wish in a letter to her father that went viral.

cancer-stricken chinese girl asks father to stop treating her

The family is currently in heavy debt after spending 590,000 yuan ($92,117) for 18 sessions of treatment, according to The Paper.

Zhang’s mother left the family in July 2017, and has not reached out since then.

7-year-old chinese girl's heartbreaking letter

The South China Morning Post quoted the young girl’s letter:

“Dad, I saw you cry today. I’m so sad. I know you’ve spent a lot of money to treat me. You’ve run out of money. Mum also left. This is all because of me. If I am gone, Mum will come back and you will be happy as before. I don’t want be treated any more. Let’s go home, shall we?”

chinese girl with leukemia

Zhang’s letter somehow made it to the internet, where many expressed pity and intent to quickly help the family. So far, netizens collected 600,000 yuan ($93,666) in donations.

According to SCMP, some netizens commented:

“I read the whole story with tears in my eyes. Please let the public know her parent’s bank account details. Only by doing so is there is hope.”

“It’s so painful for parents to see their children’s suffering. It’s even more desperate to lose hope of any treatment because of poverty.”

Zhang remains in the hospital, while her father promises to keep fighting.

Photos via Sina News

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