Chinese Park Uses Sharp Metal Spikes to Stop Tourists From Ruining Rock Formations

In a bid to keep unruly visitors from causing damage to a land formation, administrators at a geopark in China have decided to install some unsightly, yet effective, metal spikes.

The land formation, which has the appearance of a peacock, is one of the star attractions at the Dunhuang Yardang National Geopark in Gansu province.


According to the park manager, the pointy metal sticks were placed around the protected landscape to prevent tourists from trampling over it. Before the spiky installation was put in place, tourists would reportedly climb up the landscape and take photos while on it, Shanghaiist reports.

Thanks to the spikes, such behavior has since been significantly reduced.

“They don’t look pretty, but they are very effective,” he was quoted as saying.

The manager further noted that the sticks were installed two or three years ago.

While the installation may have affected the area’s aesthetics, it certainly came in handy during the recently concluded Golden Week holiday in China which saw the influx of local tourists at the national park and many other tourist attractions across the country.

The semi-annual seven-day national holiday is the country’s second-largest annual human migration following the Spring Festival as it is when most of the Chinese people go on domestic and international trips.

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