Badass Gas Station Worker Extinguishes Flaming Tricycle in 12 Seconds

A female gas station attendant in eastern China became a viral sensation after dealing with a burning tricycle in just 12 seconds.

The incident took place in Jiangxi Province on July 9, but a video was only shared online recently.

The attendant, identified as Song Juanjuan, just finished filling a motorbike when the tricycle next in line suddenly burst into flames.

As customers evacuated the area, Song reached for a fire extinguisher and directed the gas to the fire source.

She was able to put out the fire in just 12 seconds, according to Chinese media.

Another attendant named Liu Zhuqin came out of a convenience store to Song’s aid.

A copy of the footage uploaded on Chinese streaming platform Douyin had at least three million views.

Netizens praised Song for taking courageous action:

“That was fast!”

“I admire this auntie’s courage!”

“This auntie’s emergency skills are superb.”

“She was calm yet responded quickly.”

“I am moved.”

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