Chinese Fruit Shop is Using Women’s Panties to Lure Customers

One fruit shop in China lures shoppers by selling peaches that wear panties.
We’re not sure what these things are trying to cover, but according to Qilu Evening News, the shop’s owner found the fruit’s similarity to a woman’s butt.
As a result, the fruit now wears its own tiny undergarment in all sorts of colors and designs.
The panties are all hand-sewn, the shop’s owner said, but they’re not without a cost.
“The price of the peaches are on the label, panties cost extra,” he said via Shanghaiist.
Originally coming from Northwest China, peaches have symbolized fertility, longevity and immortality. They contain vitamins A, C and E, among others, including minerals calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.
If this isn’t a genius way to sell common fruit, we don’t know what is.
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