Chinese Football Star May Lose Career After Drunk Driving and Crashing into 6 Vehicles

Chinese Football Star May Lose Career After Drunk Driving and Crashing into 6 Vehicles
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
September 28, 2017
Rising Chinese football star Zhang Xiuwei’s career seems to be suffering following a DUI case in August that cost him six months’ worth of salary.
The 21-year-old football player crashed his Porsche 991 into six cars in Heping District while he was under the influence of alcohol.
Tests revealed that Zhang was shockingly 10 times over the legal alcohol limit during the incident, according to South China Morning Post.
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While the Chinese football star was eventually released on bail, he was still urged to give a public apology on top of his large fine.
However, this isn’t the end of Zhang’s punishment as he was also suspended by the Chinese Football Association (CFA) from engaging in any football activities during this time.
Zhang revealed that he is willing to accept any punishment from his team, Tianjin Quanjian and the CFA, after contemplating his controversial DUI incident, which spread all over social media.
Other people are starting to believe that Zhang’s football career could very well be in jeopardy, but the CFA stated that they would still need to wait for the player’s trial before they could come up with his punishment.
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Zhang’s incident even trumped the DUI case of English soccer superstar Wayne Rooney, who was caught driving while he was three times over the legal alcohol limit. According to the Telegraph, Rooney was given a two-year driving ban and was also ordered to work for 100 hours without pay.
Having done great damage to property — not to mention having high alcohol levels while driving — certainly doesn’t help make Zhang’s case any better for him.
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