Chinese Food Vendors Are Scavenging Shrimp From the Sewers and Selling Them As Food

If you are into processed shrimp products, this story might make your stomach turn a bit.
Food scandals in China have made international headlines for years now. From chemical contamination, tampering of food products, and even creating fake food items, devious Chinese businessmen have set aside public safety just to make quick money from doing very questionable practices.
Very recently, a nasty secret kept by shrimp sellers in the town of Wuhan in China was exposed after disturbing photos of them scavenging shrimp from murky sewage waters surfaced online.
Images from Weibo
According to NetEase (via Shanghaiist), the sewer shrimps reportedly came from fallen packaging scraps off other nearby markets that somehow end up into the sewers.
Images of the vendors collecting the filthy crustaceans circulated on social media to the disgust and horror of Chinese netizens.
After their disgusting “harvest,” the vendors then take their “catch” to a grimy public toilet where they are rinsed and processed with other fish then turned into shrimp balls.
It is not known how widespread the practice is and where the dangerously unhygienic products end up going. Processed shrimp products, while often sold on the street, are also exported abroad along with other processed food.
The problem with processed food is that it is often impossible to know if it was made from fresh meat or seafood — or from shrimp fished from sewers that are prepared on the floor of a dirty public toilet.
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