Chinese Flight Attendant Suspended After Being Caught on Video Eating Leftover Food

Many netizens were left baffled when a flight attendant was suspended after a video of her eating leftover food from the passengers of Urumqi Air went viral on Chinese social media.

The video was posted and shared through Weibo, according to Shanghaiist. It showed the female flight attendant taking spoonfuls of food from the food trays as they were all lined up on a counter.

At first, many netizens thought that she was not fully aware of someone taking a video while she eats the leftover food.

Since the meals are extras and will be thrown away, what’s the problem with her eating it? one of the commenters wrote. The one who sneaked the video is a psycho.

In this situation, I think what is most disgusting is the person that posted the video, another Chinese commenter said.

As it turns out, the whole incident was allegedly planned. In its statement released on Dec. 8, Urumqi Air claimed that the flight attendant intentionally filmed herself while eating the leftover food, and purposely uploaded the file online, South China Morning Post reported.

Netizens who tried to defend the flight attendant had a sudden change of heart after hearing the airline’s statement. They immediately began to criticize her and applaud how the company appropriately handled the situation.

Featured Image via Weibo

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