Chinese Flight Attendant Named the World’s Most Beautiful Stewardess

A Chinese flight attendant from Xi’an has recently been recognized as the “World’s Most Beautiful Stewardess” by an international organization.

Shenzhen Airlines’ Liu Miaomiao was awarded the title after winning the competition hosted by the World Air Stewardess Association (WASA) this year, China Daily reported (via The Straits Times).

Liu began her career as a flight attendant in 2010 after successfully completing Shenzhen Airlines’ rigorous tests and training program.

Along with her colleagues, Liu underwent a three-month training period that saw her developing a flawless posture by balancing bowls on her head and practicing the perfect smile by biting on chopsticks.

“Besides etiquette training, such as practicing my smile by biting chopsticks, I had to master the do’s and don’ts of emergency rescue in case of cabin fire or evacuation, since small mistakes can cause big disasters,” she was quoted as saying.

She would later be promoted to chief attendant in 2014 due to her dedication and passion for her job.

Liu has been known to use her smile to pacify those who easily lose their temper.

In an interview with the local media, Liu expressed her pride for her chosen career, stating that she understands her professionalism may inspire some kids to become flight attendants someday.

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