Chinese Fisherman Caught Butchering Endangered Baby Dolphin on the Street

Disturbing images of a chopped up baby dolphin on a street in China has enraged netizens after going viral on local social media.

Sliced chunk pieces of the dolphin are seen lying in blood-soaked containers being peddled by fishermen in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, Shanghaiist reports. Local authorities have now launched an investigation into the shocking photos.

According to the police in Zhuhai, the remains of the dolphin’s body have been confiscated. The three suspects who have been identified have been summoned to report to the local police station.

The young dolphin was identified by experts as an endangered species called the Chinese white dolphin. The species, which is found in the Pearl River Delta, was reportedly placed under first-class state protection in the country. Due to water pollution and rampant illegal poaching, the population of the Chinese white dolphin has been severely threatened.

Netizens have expressed outrage over the widely shared images of the baby dolphin on Chinese social media site Weibo, with many calling for authorities to conduct a proper handling of the case.  Most comments also called for better protection of the endangered dolphins and better implementation of nature preservation laws.

The fishermen should be “eating prison food” for years, suggested one commenter.

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