Chinese Firm Now Requires Staff to Watch the News or Face a Pay Cut

A company in China is now requiring their employees to tune in to the state-run  news broadcast at noon every day or else their salary will get deducted every single time they miss a program.

Qingyang Pharmaceutical in Zhengzhou, Henan Province wants their staff to watch the daily news or face a deduction of $14.50 from their salary.

According to South China Morning Post, this new rule was rolled out by the company at the beginning of the month.

In the announcement, the management reiterated the importance of watching the daily broadcast saying that if they don’t watch the program, they could “miss the whole world.”

They also highlighted the importance of being aware of the current situation of the nation and how it affects business.

To cite an example of what watching the news can do, the report stated an announcement made by the CCTV broadcast on April 1 about an international metropolis called the Xiongan New Area which will sprawl on 2,000 sq. km of land. It will supposedly be three times the size of New York.

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