Chinese Firefighter Uses Gangsta Ninja Skills to Save a Suicidal Man

Chinese Firefighter Uses Gangsta Ninja Skills to Save a Suicidal Man
Khier Casino
January 27, 2017
A video of a firefighter rescuing a man from jumping off the top floor of a building in Shanghai’s Jing’an District on January 21 has gone viral on Chinese social media.
In the video, the suicidal man, who thought no one was looking, can be seen sitting wearing his underwear on top of a ledge.
To prevent the man from taking a leap, the firefighter crawls behind him as his partner looks on and creeps out over what appears to be power lines in a half-crouch like a tiger and pulls him down to safety.
Chinese netizens praised the firefighter, identified by Shanghai Daily as Wang Zuotian, for his agility and compared him to a kung fu master.
According to local media, it turns out that Zuotian used to practice some taekwondo.
Check out the heart-stopping video below via Shanghaiist’s YouTube channel:

Last May, a firefighter swung over the edge of a building in Xuzhou, east China, and kicked a suicidal woman to safety, according to the Daily Mail.
She was described by the local media as being “very emotional” and would not let anyone near her.
The woman was distracted by police who were inside the building as the firefighter attempted the risky move to knock her inside.
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