Chinese Fiancée Discovers $2 Million Pre-Wedding Gift From Future Husband is Fake

A soon-to-be-wife in China has discovered that the 13 million yuan ($1.9 million) financial document her future husband gave her as a pre-wedding gift was actually fake.
When the 40-year-old girlfriend named Zhuang reportedly tried to cash in the deposit certificate she received as a betrothal gift at a bank in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, a bank employee informed her that the certificate was not authentic.
According to the Modern Express (via the South China Morning Post), the document didn’t have an electronic chip. There were other errors in the certificate’s information and the seal also looked as if they were just printed. In the document, the 24-year-old boyfriend, identified only by his surname Bao, made it appear that he deposited the large amount on September 22 for a one-year term. The couple reportedly had made plans to wed in November.
Local authorities have arrested the male fiance for making a counterfeit financial document.
The police investigation later revealed that Bao had previously told Zhuang that he made a huge fortune off land compensation. It turned out, the boyfriend just bought a fake document for 250 yuan ($37) to dupe the girl into marrying him. He also admitted after police questioning that he chose Zhuang because she was well off.
Bao has also been previously imprisoned for theft was only released from jail last August.
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