Chinese Feminist Warns Donald Trump of His ‘Straight Man Cancer Behaviors’

Chinese Feminist Warns Donald Trump of His ‘Straight Man Cancer Behaviors’Chinese Feminist Warns Donald Trump of His ‘Straight Man Cancer Behaviors’
Carl Samson
December 15, 2016
In 2015, Zheng Churan was arrested on International Women’s Day, along with four others, for conspiring to hold protests against sexual harassment on public transportation.
This time, the prominent Chinese feminist, also known as “Big Rabbit,” is calling out Donald Trump.
In an open letter to the U.S. president-elect, Zheng warned Trump of his “straight man cancer,” referring to a collective behavior that essentially means “male chauvinism.”
Apparently, Zheng sent the letter from Shenzhen straight to Trump Tower, setting local post office staff in shock (via South China Morning Post):
“The staff at the post office was a little shocked when they saw me fill in Trump’s name as the recipient of the letter.”
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Zheng posted about the letter on Twitter, adding a photo of herself with yet another warning for the president-elect:
“Hey Trump, feminists are watching you.”
Zheng reportedly started a poll on WeChat last month, where she surveyed 2,000 followers on their interpretations of “straight man cancer.” As it turned out, top 10 “symptoms” emerged from over 10,000 respondents, and these results were part of her letter for Trump:
“Although we are far away in China, we have seen the news reports of you being constantly involved in gender discrimination and thus we want to send you the poll results showing how a male chauvinist, or straight man cancer patient (sic), would look.”
Zheng, part of the “Feminist Five,” hopes such people will eventually reap what they sow:
“People who look down on women will have to be responsible for the insulting and sexist comments they made one day.”
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