Chinese Father Seeks Justice After Teacher Reportedly Kills Daughter By Taping Her Mouth Shut

Chinese Father Seeks Justice After Teacher Reportedly Kills Daughter By Taping Her Mouth Shut

June 19, 2017
A devastated father in China recently poured his heart out in an emotional social media post in which he described how his six-year-old daughter allegedly died after a teacher wrapped her mouth with sellotape.
In the widely-shared post on Weibo written on June 12, the parent wrote how the the kindergarten teacher reportedly taped the mouth of Guo Jintong, a student from the city of Huadian in Jilin Province, after she was accused of talking too much during the school’s morning exercise.
Huadian Experimental Kindergarten teacher Ju Chunwei allegedly used glue and sellotape to keep the girl’s mouth sealed after Guo and her classmates returned to the classroom.
Guo was then sent to the school’s clinic after she  began twitching — she reportedly died 40 minutes after her mouth had been sealed.
In his post, the father accused the teacher of murdering his daughter. According to Daily Mail, the distraught father claimed that the ambulance arrived 30 minutes after his daughter had been died. A statement released by Huadian’s local government reported that an ambulance was dispatched at 10:19 a.m. on June 12.
The school also notified Guo’s grandfather who accompanied her body to the hospital where they were unable to resuscitate her.
The father also stated that local authorities had been trying to bury the news, and while he has sought for an explanation, neither the police nor the school has provided him any.
While the statement noted that the girl was pronounced dead at around 11 a.m. after resuscitation had failed at the hospital, it was not mentioned whether or not the girl had been taped on the mouth. It only stated that the case is still currently being investigated.
According to local reports, the teacher blamed by the father has been suspended by the school’s administrators.
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