Chinese father spends $868,000 to build ideal kindergarten for his son

Chinese father spends $868,000 to build ideal kindergarten for his son
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The $868,000 kindergarten, which took seven months to build, has a tube slide, a dance studio, heated floors and a movie room

May 1, 2023
A man from Jiangsu province in eastern China spent an exorbitant amount of money to build the ideal kindergarten for his son.
The father, identified only by his surname, Li, briefly showcases the elaborate school in a video uploaded to his Douyin account on April 16.
Speaking to Star Video, Li reveals he spent a total of 6 million yuan (approximately $868,000) on the kindergarten so that it would be suitable for his child.
He explains that about 5 million yuan (approximately $723,000) went to decorations and landscaping, while the school design cost him 450,000 yuan (approximately $65,000).

Li says it took him seven months to build the kindergarten, which was completed right as his son was starting his education.
I wanted to create a satisfying kindergarten environment for my son,” he says in the clip.
Besides his son, several other children have also enrolled at the kindergarten, which charges 3,980 yuan (approximately $576) per term.
Some of the school’s unique features reportedly include a stainless-steel tube slide for teachers and students to use as an alternative to “dull” stairs, a movie room, dance studio, movable curtain walls and an underfloor heating system. 
There are even oversized lawns with fruit trees from which students can pick their own fruit.
Explaining the movie room, Li says in the video it was added so he could watch cartoons with his son.
The school also has heated floors because “the winter here is very cold. What would I do if my son caught a cold?” Li adds.
In addition to admiring the kindergarten’s amenities, many Chinese social media users commented that the tuition Li is charging was very cheap.
“Oh my god, someone said the monthly fee for a semester is 3,980. That’s so cheap,” one user wrote.
“A semester for 3,980 is really not expensive. Don’t compare it with public schools. It is really cheap for a private school. My child’s tuition this semester was nearly 6,000, and that’s just for one semester,” another wrote.
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