Father in China begs police to arrest him because his daughter couldn’t solve a math problem

Chinese father freaks

A Chinese father publicly broke down in the middle of a road because his child could not solve a mathematics equation.

The breakdown: A resident of Kunshan in Jiangsu eastern China laid down in the middle of a road as he begged police to detain him because his daughter failed to solve a simple math problem, reported South China Morning Post

  • The Chinese father surnamed Gao told a police officer, “My daughter subtracted 700 from 800. She said the result is 900.”
  • Gao said he was “so angry and so helpless” that he did not want to go home.
  • The police officer reportedly persuaded him to go home after helping him up and taking him to a nearby footpath.

Reactions: According to the South China Morning Post’s report, the reactions on social media regarding the incident were predictable.

  • One person on Weibo commented, “I am sure this girl is his biological daughter. You can see his IQ is not high either.”
  • “I suggest he go visit the depression clinic,” another user wrote.

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