Chinese Farmer’s Life Completely Changes After Getting a ‘Hoverboard’

Chinese Farmer’s Life Completely Changes After Getting a ‘Hoverboard’
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
February 15, 2018

Work Smart, Not Hard” is probably the motto of 55-year-old vegetable farmer Gong Rongniang from a village called Futuo in southeastern China’s Fujian Province.

Image via China News

Her work carrying vegetables usually take her 3 hours everyday, but now, she can do all of it in just under about 40 minutes. It is all thanks to her “hoverboard” ride that she got from her son.

Image via China News

Gong received the two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter about two years ago, Shanghaiist via Medium reported. Her son found a sale online that sold the product for only 2,000 yuan ($315).

Image via China News

After receiving the item, Gong immediately started training her balance on the machine – she taught herself how to use it and she got everything figured out in just 3 hours!

I’m guessing this did not come with breaking of stuff in the house, a couple of bruises here and there, and probably a mild concussion.

She can often be seen cruising down the road with all the vegetables she harvested balanced on one of her shoulders.

Image via China News

You gotta admit, she looks pretty darn cool while riding that and with her hands hidden inside her pocket. Just look at these people with their mouth open as she rides past them.

Image screenshot Pear Video via Miaopai

Her rise to fame began on Saturday after a Weibo user spotted her riding her segway on the road on its way back home from Spring Festival. Netizens quickly grabbed their phone and cameras and took pictures of Gong on her awesome ride.

The photos immediately went viral that some reporters even visited Gong in her village to speak with her, according to the report.

Featured images via China News
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