Chinese Family Bravely Exits Car in the Tiger Enclosure of a Wildlife Park

Chinese Family Bravely Exits Car in the Tiger Enclosure of a Wildlife Park
Ryan General
March 20, 2017
During a visit to a wildlife park in Beijing on Sunday, a family of Chinese tourists decided it would be fun to step out of their car to get a better view of the white tigers prowling in the area.  
With a complete disregard of the potential dangers of their actions, the family, which includes two children, reportedly exited their Toyota SUV twice during their stay at the park, Shanghaiist reports.
Beijing Wildlife Park employees first caught the family roaming the waterfowl area by foot during their safari-style drive through. They were immediately reprimanded and told about the park rules.
For some reason, the family got out of their vehicle again when they reached the tiger enclosure.
When a park employee approached them and advised them to return to their car, the family refused and instead, stuck around. It took some convincing from the park’s duty manager before they were persuaded to finally return to their vehicle.
Signs warning visitors against leaving their vehicles during the wildlife drive through are scattered throughout the park. However, with some visitors choosing to ignore park rules, park employees are always kept on high-alert.
Following the incident, Beijing Wildlife Park issued a statement via Chinese social media platform Weibo to clarify that the visitors were never placed in danger of being mauled to death by the resident tigers. Apparently, the tigers are separated from the vehicles by a deep pit as a security measure.
Beijing police also took to their official Weibo account to remind the public that: “Tigers are not vegetarians!”
In July of last year, a visitor of the infamous Badaling Wildlife Park also ventured out of her vehicle while inside the park’s tiger enclosure. Unfortunately, the park had no safety pits, and she was dragged away by a tiger. The woman somehow survived the mauling, but her mother who tried to save her was unfortunately killed.
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